Can a Manager Really Motivate Employees?

November 1, 2013

Such an important role is played by employee motivation in maintaining the morale and productivity of workers in a company. Unmotivated employees tend to drift apart and have negative effects on one another. When employees begin to lose satisfaction in their jobs, their performance is easily affected as well.

One big question in the minds of every company manager is whether or not they have the capacity to get employees motivated. The answer is yes. This is not going to be an easy process, though, because it is important for a manager to know first what it is that could motivate their workers. Every employee has their own unique needs, and thus, different methods must be used to motivate them.

Goal-Based Motivation Techniques

There are many benefits a manager can get from goal-based techniques for employee motivation, especially if it involves huge projects that may take several months to be completed. With a specified goal and guaranteed rewards for the timely or early completion of the project, employees are motivated to perform better in order to finish the task on hand.

Recognizing Your Employees

As human beings, we all have the need to be recognized. As a manager, you must be fully aware of how employee recognition can make your people feel. Don’t take your employees’ efforts for granted and give recognition to those who perform beyond expectations. A simple word of recognition, especially in front of other employees, will be enough to inspire them to continue to strive for efficiency and productivity.

Money as a Reward

One of the most common and effective ways of motivating workers is to give them monetary rewards. There are many ways companies do this – through a salary increase or an incentive upon the completion of a project. This form of motivation may not be a viable option for small businesses that are just starting up. In that case, giving away gift cards that cost a little would do.

Personal and Skills Development

One common reason why employees lose interest in their jobs is their lack of ability or knowledge to perform their tasks. If a person doesn’t have the confidence that he can do his job, there is no way he would enjoy what he’s doing. It is your responsibility as a manager to know if your workers require further training or not. Offering them means of career advancement is an excellent way of motivating employees. Once they realize that there is a chance for them to learn more and acquire more technical skills, they will be inspired to work harder and become better individuals. In the end, it is going to be the company that will benefit from the development of its employees’ skills and personality.

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