Dare to Dream with Elsbeth Tate, Rebel with a Cause Business and Life Coaching

October 29, 2013

Join us for an hour, and learn how to dream with Elsbeth Tate, Business and Life Coach, and author of soon to be released, From Golden to Platinum: “The Courageous Woman’s Guide to an Inspired Retirement”.

Tate, a former Accountant of 18 years, a top fashion model in the 1960’s, and winner of the National Association of Professional & Executive Women (NAPEW) Women of Excellent Achievement Award, she the Chief Inspiration Officer of Rebel with a Cause Business & Life Coaching.

As a business and life coach, Tate helps women business owners transform their businesses from the inside out through inspiration. Through one-on-one coaching and group workshop, Tate works with women entrepreneurs step into and own their feminine side, empowering them to turn their passion into a lucrative and sustainable business.

“I’ve been a rebel without a cause and I’ve been a rebel with a cause,” says Tate. “We are either role models or we’re setting a bad example. Who do you want to be when you’re doing business?”

The author of From Golden to Platinum: The Courageous Woman’s Guide to an Inspired Retirement, Tate says her purpose is to inspire other’s greatness and help them create a vision for what is possible.

“It all comes down to choices,” says Tate. “I challenge underlying beliefs to help people see that they actually do have choices. We don’t know what we don’t know. As long as you hold that premise, you are teachable and you are coachable.

“Some people are so afraid to dream,” says Tate. “My motto is dare to dream and dare to put those dreams into action. There’s no such thing as ‘can’t,’ only ‘won’t.’”

You find out more on Elsbeth at: www.Coach-Track.com/Elsbeth.htm

At Leadership Coaching Centre, we believe that in order to become a successful CEO of your life you must be strategic and a visionary about your life goals. Radio Hosts; Cecile Peterkin and Ana Paret believe you are the CEO of your life. Therefore, we inspire and motivate people to take full responsibility for all aspects of their lives, manage every detail, and succeed personally and professionally. Up Your Game Radio enables us to motivate you to be released from Small-Time Thinking and move into your BIG PICTURE! In other words….To Up Your Game!

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