Does Volunteering help in Career Development?

A lot of people seem to be wondering why career experts usually advise them to do some volunteer work to take their careers into a whole new level. Well, there are actually many great benefits to participating in volunteer activities. If you are doing it for a charity that is close to your heart, you will have the chance to give back to others, which will also give you a sense of accomplishment. You also get to meet different people and gain new experience. Through this, you will definitely acquire new ideas on how you may have to run your own business and career in the future.

How Volunteering Will Help You Find a Better Job or Career

You can develop new and important skills. Volunteering is an effective way of obtaining some sort of training in certain areas that your previous or current job doesn’t offer. For instance, you can acquire skills in project management by helping to organize fundraising events. You can also develop your skills in sales by reaching out to others for donations. And of course, there will be projects that may require you to lead a group, through which you can train to manage a team.

You can meet new people to be part of your network. Charity events are a great venue for meeting different people from different industries. In many cases, those who engage in volunteer activities are professionals and successful individuals who want to give back to the community. This means that by meeting them, you can learn more about the industry you wish to be part in later on.

You can add to your experience and fill in gaps in employment as well. Volunteer experience is generally considered professional experience also. Thus, in your resume, you should not just include the word “volunteer” in one part of your employment history. You should name the organization you volunteered in, and specify the dates as well. Companies are aware of the valuable experience an individual can gain through volunteering.

Your willingness to volunteer can impress employers. If you are going for a career change, you definitely have to prove to your future employer that you are not just a job hopper. By doing volunteer work, you can prove that you are not after money and fame only. Employers are always in search for people who have not only the brains and the skills, but the heart as well. Volunteering means you are dedicated and committed to something important, and this is an impressive trait to possess.

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