Finding a New Job

May 28, 2008

The new realities of securing employment in today’s changing world require a new belief. Designing and planning your career, and taking a proactive, self-directed approach is the success formula.

The resume is a critical part to your career design. October issue of Recipes for Success we discussed resume writing; “Putting yourself on paper”. This month we will discuss “Ideas on finding a new job”. Finding a new job is not always easy, whether you are an executive or just starting out in your career.

Making the wrong move can cost you time and money. With the stakes so high, before finding or looking for a new job, you should clarify your career path to ensure you are headed in the right direction.

Once you have completed the preliminary work such as identifying your career path, creating a well-constructed resume and detailed cover letter; how do you find your ideal job?

Here are some ideas:

1. Networking

Networking is the most powerful way of finding a job. Many jobs are never advertised because they have gone to someone’s friend or colleague. 62% of hiring managers found word of mouth referrals to be the most effective. Contact people and let them know you are in the job market. Attend professional association events where you can meet as many new people as possible.

2. Internet Jobsites

The internet is a very useful job search tool, but not an effective self-marketing tool. Although you will find job sites (,,, etc.) where you can post your resume, you must update your posting daily. New job hunters post their resume every day, pushing your resume down the list. Surveys have shown only a 4% success rate for being contacted for a job from an Internet posting.

3. Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies serve as intermediaries between worker and applicant to ensure a match between the company’s needs and the applicants’ skills and interests. While this may get you an interview, you are often one of many applicants the agency has recruited for the same position, so you need to be even more prepared to sell yourself.

4. Headhunters (search and selection firms)

Headhunters are also recruiters. The difference, however, is that headhunters are much more specific in their recruitment. Rather than simply finding a pool of the most talented people, they focus on finding candidates who exactly match the qualifications specified by their clients. To this end, headhunters select candidates whether they are in the job market or not. If you are at a senior level in your career, you have probably already received calls from headhunters. As you look at the many paths available to you to attain your ideal position, getting an interview with a headhunter is the least likely to get you closer to your goal.. Headhunters fill many of the world’s most prestigious positions.

5. Cold Calling

Cold calling means initiating an approach to companies; telling them about your skills and interest in working for them. Research shows a 69% success rate – even better than networking! Surveyed job hunters spent 24% of their time making these kinds of cold calls, which yielded 27% of their meetings. In contrast, the 45% of their time spent networking produced only 35% of their meetings*.

Why is cold calling so effective? Because it gives you the opportunity to make contact and penetrate the marketplace before positions are advertised to the general public.

6. Newspaper

Answering ads in local newspaper has a 5% – 24% success rate. The higher the salary, the smaller the chance of finding a job using that method.

Trying to find a job requires the same dedicated time, energy, and effort to succeed as you put into the position you eventually find through your perseverance. Staying focused, and finding ways to deal with rejection (and use the information gained to help move you forward) will help you to be successful.

* As reported by the Five O’Clock Club, a career-counselling network based in New York City.

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