How Is Being a Working Mother a Good Thing?


The workplace didn’t use to be a pleasant environment for working women like me, but as time went by, the world has become more open to the idea of letting mothers have a career. Needless to say, this is an important change that every woman should take advantage of. In fact, some mothers even think that being a working mom has several advantages for them and their kids as well.

Let me share with you what I think are the good reasons every mother should have a career, which is based on my personal experience as a working mother

1. Being employed makes me more patient and enthusiastic with my children. We all know how difficult it is to be a mother. It is an amazing and fulfilling job, but it can be very stressful at times as well. This is why when I am at work, I enjoy the independence that it gives me. Through my job, I am able to get back my confidence that I am a respectable and capable person; the kind of person I was before I decided to be a mother. And once I get home and spend time with my kids, I find myself missing them more and wanting to spend more time with them.

2. Letting my children see me work helps them develop respect for women. Every mother wants their kids to respect women and treat them equally. Well, one of the better ways of teaching them this lesson is by allowing them to witness how my husband and I could work as a team, and that whatever their father can do, their mother can do as well.

3. I can show my kids that working hard is essential and is a good thing. Kids are likely to believe that studying hard or working hard is a form of sacrifice. This isn’t what I want them to believe especially when they grow up to be professionals. With my job, I could set a good example of how a person can enjoy working with dedication. This is a lesson that cannot be taught through words, so I’m glad my being a working mom can do it.

4. With a stable job, I can make a significant financial contribution for my kids’ future. Perhaps the main reason why mothers choose to work is to help the family earn some income. Well, this is something I can do well by taking care of my career. In fact, my children’s wellbeing serves as my motivation to have some sort of career planning, which helps me figure out what I can do as a professional in the years to come.

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