Interpersonal Skills Are Key to Career Advancement

The way that technology has transformed the workplace does not only place a premium on the technical skills of employees, but it also puts to test their individual interpersonal skills. In contrast to what many expect, these interpersonal skills are more highlighted and showcased as the technology used in a company becomes more advanced. The same is true for the opposite – those people who lack the important interpersonal skills become more subject to the criticism of a bigger audience simply because the modern technological tools being used in businesses these days actually lead to more frequent exchange of information. This just goes to show that both these skills are essential considerations for an individual who desires career advancement.

In the past, the requirements set by employers when hiring personnel are mainly based on the educational background and experience of job applicants. These days, however, there have been so many changes in the way a job seeker is assessed for qualification. As mentioned earlier, technology is now an important aspect of the success of many workplaces. Thus, it is becoming more and more important for an employee to acquire certain technical skills that would be applied to the job being desired.

However, no matter how big a consideration is given to the technical skills of an individual, the interpersonal skills he or she has remain something that cannot be taken for granted. As a matter of fact, one research revealed more people lose their jobs for the reason that they find it hard to get along with others, and not just because they are not technical savvy.

If you are just about to start submitting job applications, please know that companies are still very likely to select new hires based on how they use their writing to show who they are and what they do. It is vital also that a job seeker properly presents himself personally. Aside from these, employers also judge job applicants based on how they analyze various style of working, how they deal with ambiguity and difficult questions and how they approach different work scenarios.

In today’s workplace, everything is all about great and effective communication. Furthermore, administrative personnel typically serve as the means of communications within the organization. And most of these administrative professionals prefer those who have strong communication skills rather than those who only have great technical skills. The bottom line here is that if you are looking for career advancement, you will have to try harder not just to improve your technical abilities, but also to enhance your personal traits and interpersonal skills.


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