Is Internship Also A Career Advancement Opportunity?

It is very common for a university or college perhaps to offer internship programs for their students. These opportunities to work as interns are valuable because they allow students to apply whatever it is that they have learned in the classroom to the real world. There are cases where interns are offered to work for an organization or company for a certain period of time only, and not be called in the future to become an employee. This is not always the case, fortunately.

If you are a motivated and self-assured intern, there is a good chance that you could turn your internship into a good employment opportunity in the future. But of course, you need to work for this opportunity and you need to exert a lot of effort to show hiring managers that you have the potential to become a highly valuable member of the organization. If you want to take your internship opportunity as a chance for career advancement on your part, here are some tips you should follow:

1. Be Dependable.

Think of your internship not only as a kind of summer job, or just a requirement by your college to gain credit. If you are seriously considering getting a full time job out of your internship, you should try to behave the way professionals in your field do. Always come to work on time and follow the company’s dress code.

2. Have the Initiative.

As an intern, you should not expect to be assigned tasks normally performed by regular employees. But you should at least try to volunteer and offer your assistance in certain projects. By volunteering, you will be showing your deep interest in knowing about the company and the industry. Show initiative by asking for extra work, or you could simply ask an employee if she would need your help in something.

3. Develop Your Expertise.

Make the most out of this opportunity by honing your expertise. For every task that you are assigned, take it seriously and think of it as a challenge for you to learn further and become better. What you want is to finish your internship with the knowledge and some other skills added to your repertoire.

4. Build Good Relationships

Don’t take for granted the importance of building a network in your career planning. As you work as an intern, you will meet a lot of people who have the same interests as you. Through your good communication skills, you should be able to develop friendships with your co-interns as well as the employees in the company.




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