Lunch with your Boss or Potential Boss

Listen carefully when discussing the menu when you are having lunch with someone in authority over you. Order something similar. If he orders two courses, you should also order two courses in the same price range.

Do not order an alcoholic drink unless the boss suggests you have a drink together. If you do not drink, for whatever reason, let her know politely. “Thank you for the offer. I don’t drink.”

Take your host’s lead in every way.  Spread your napkin in your lap after he has done so, and do not begin to eat until your host does. The same is true for wine. Do not touch your wine glass until the host toasts you the first time. If he toasts you, hold the glass straight and clink a bit under his glass to acknowledge his higher position.

At the End of the Meal

Wait for your host to indicate that lunch is over. Thank him kindly. Job candidates could send a thank you card as a means of following up.

Adeodata founded Business of Manners to share her vast knowledge of the social graces with others. Through her many workshops and seminars, Adeodata has helped people from all walks of life polish their image and improve their social confidence.

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