Resume and Career Services: Reasons You Will Not Be Offered the Job

April 18, 2013

Job applicants who seem to be more than qualified for a particular job, but who actually are not able to get the position would naturally wonder what went wrong with their application. Well, of course, there is no specific reason that can be cited about it. There are many things that could possibly have caused them to be rejected, and some would even say it’s all about luck and destiny. In reality, however, there are several factors that can affect a person’s chances of being hired or not. Even experts from resume and career services would explain that employers often have their own unique way of choosing a job candidate. Below are some common reasons why employers reject applicants:

Appearance: We may call it discriminatory or superficial, but your appearance may really determine whether you will be hired or not. There are certain jobs that may require higher standards of beauty, height, weight, and so on. Thus, it is important to look at yourself first and consider how your appearance will fit the job you are applying for.

Lack of Work References: An applicant’s lack of work experience is a clear red flag to employers. Without any references, how do you suppose a prospective employer ask you about what relevant skills and experience you’ve got? In case you cannot rely on your previous employer to be among your references, you can simply ask any colleague in your previous workplace to become your reference.

Attitude: During the interview, it is important that you mind what you say and how you answer questions. If the interviewer gets a feeling that you are a hostile and angry person, it will be unlikely that you will get the job. It is always hard to be aware of our own behavior, but if you end up denigrating your ex-boss or calling people “jerk”, you will definitely appear like a malcontent.

Achievements: If your resume fails to make a clear description of all the accomplishments you had in your previous jobs, it will be very hard for the hiring manager to identify what your strengths are. It will also make them doubt your capabilities, so make sure that all your accomplishments and achievements are well detailed in your CV.

Performance in the Interview: The worst thing you can do in your interview is to come late. You have to be there earlier than your interview schedule. Professional career coaches offering resume and career services also advise that job applicants try to be courteous and friendly to any person the in the prospective employer’s workplace. Remember that not conducting yourself professionally and properly during the job interview could certainly cause you to be disqualified.

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