The Good Side of Organizational Mentoring Programs

September 20, 2013

At first glance, it is easy to recognize the benefits of mentoring programs to employees. Basically, with a mentor, it becomes easier for employees to figure out the right things to do because they are exposed to senior employees who know how to do things right. As a result, employees become more effective and satisfied at work. While the benefits of mentoring to workers are obvious, what can it do to the organization as a whole?

On-boarding: Mentoring programs help speed up the process of familiarizing new hires with their new environment, and also help existing employees adjust to their new roles. In business, the first month that a new employee spends in his new job can pretty much indicate the kind of work he can offer the company. Thus, it is important that they be trained effectively and efficiently during this period.

Career growth: A mentoring program is an excellent way of offering a successful career path to employees. Through this kind of program, employees are groomed to take on more senior positions, and thus eliminate the need to hire from the outside and provide training. This is beneficial for the employees also as it serves as an inspiration for them to work hard to deserve a higher position in the company.

Quality and profitability: Organizations need to keep the quality of their group for them to become more profitable. And one important step for improving workplace quality is ensuring that everyone abides by the internal process of the organization. There is no way a company’s internal processes can be improved if the workers just ignore them. For there to be consistency in the workplace, employees must be taught and trained properly from the beginning.

Productivity: When an employee becomes part of a mentoring program, he is able to get answers regarding work immediately. Without a mentor, employees need to figure out on their own what solutions are appropriate for the common problems they may face at work. This can be a waste of time and can even be costly for the company in the long run. But through a mentoring program, employees are guided accordingly, which makes them more confident and knowledgeable as to how they should deal with whatever challenges they may face at work.

Employee retention: According to several studies, workers who are given the privilege of working with a mentor are less likely to go away and look for another place to work. This is because by having a mentor, they feel more effective, and they get a clear picture of their own career pathways. This motivates them to strive harder and also appreciate the kind of professional nurturing they are receiving from their employers.

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