What’s Your Management Style?

In today’s highly competitive business environment managers face rapidly changing conditions, flatter organization, doing more with less. Managers are simultaneously a leader, a manager, and an administrator. Understanding your management style is a critical step towards making the adjustments and transitions this new role demands.

Good Managers – well rounded and pragmatic. They understand the reality of their environment – it’s values, goals, politics and limits. They set realistic objectives that acknowledge organizational constraints and dovetail with corporate goals. They are conservative. They would rather be slow and steady than risk the glory of swift, but uncertain success. Good managers excel at hiring, coordinating and directing a team.

Good Leaders – are visionaries, value creativity. They focus on what the organization needs to do as a whole to succeed. Leaders are passionate and persuasive. They excel at inspiring others and communicating the vision. They recruit talented, motivated people, not specialists. Their knowledge of the “outside world” is the basis for their ideas, suggestions and plans. Good leaders are always prepared. They are well balanced and well rounded. They admit mistakes. Good leaders inspire enthusiasm.

High Achievers – are success-oriented, pragmatic types. They are adaptable, excelling, driven, image conscious. They are highly motivated. High achievers know their purpose and role, therefore, do not need anybody’s help in setting goals. High achievers use intuition to make decisions and it is hard to replicate that in the employee. They make decisions quickly and implement the ideas immediately. They believe that profits are the end result and people are a resource to help achieve that goal. High achievers typically do not make good managers. They want to do things themselves. They do not have a lot of faith in others and have difficulty delegating. High achievers understand driving themselves, but not working through others.

How do you measure up? Manager, Leader or High Achiever?

Test your style! Use one of our online evaluations.

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