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A lot of people are constantly thinking about how leadership training and career counseling can transform their lives when they hear what our company does. And we can totally understand that, because it’s the same thing we were thinking about when we first got into this industry.

We saw too many people struggling every day because they were afraid to take action because they’re stuck in their current mode, and need an extra boost of confidence to leave that “safe” job that is actually draining them day after day. They needed help believing there is a better way: one founded in confidence, purpose, and fulfillment. That’s where we came in.

Level Up With Leadership Training & Customized Career Advice

When our amazing leader, Cecile Peterkin, was growing up, she had a lot of people give her unsolicited advice about dealing with a supposed stubborn streak. But Cecile’s father knew exactly what everyone else’s problem was. One day, he sat down with his daughter and told her, “The only reason they’re telling you that you’re stubborn is because you aren’t doing what they’ve said.” Cecile’s father wanted her to understand that she wasn’t wrong in wanting to do things her own way.

Now, based on a natural intuition that has followed her through life since childhood, Cecile instinctively knows how to help people see the truth not just about their professional situations, but also their passions and purposes. And along with proprietary analysis methods, she helps individuals and organizations embrace customized goals that improve professional growth and leadership in ways that also motivate personal satisfaction and joy.

With Cecile’s unique outlook on life and all it can be, she helps her clients think outside the box and face the important questions they have been avoiding—all to realize their big-picture goals. She helps those she works with, especially women leaders, communicate better by acknowledging what they want so they can own those things. She helps them stand in their power so they can stop playing small, and go after the lives they really want.

Specifically when it comes to women, Cecile helps them embrace the smart, amazing people they are so that in every room they are confident and clear, and don’t always seem like they’re asking questions when what they really want to do is make strong sure suggestions.

As an expert in the leadership training and career counseling space for over 17 years, Cecile uses an open and creative approach to advise her clients by first listening intently and then making custom recommendations. She has always found that people, even strangers at the gym, open up to her and tell her the most difficult things they're going through. Because of her genuine interest in people, she sees potential for friendship everywhere, and this allows her to reach a deeper level of connection with the clients and organizations she works with.

You See, We’re So Passionate About Career Counseling and Leadership Training Because…

When Cecile transitioned her own career so that she could help others with her professional superpower, she realized right away what a huge difference she could make in the lives of her clients.

One of the first people she worked with was Randy, who was a receptionist at Cecile’s gym and worked as a writer on the side. When Cecile asked him what he would do if wasn’t a writer he said that he had always wanted to be a teacher, but he didn’t know what to change about his day-to-day experiences to go after that dream.

Cecile helped him figure out which path would serve him best and he enrolled in college, became a teacher, and started teaching children who were in the hospital due to different circumstances. He eventually went on to start programs in the hospital itself to address unmet needs in their surrounding community and became a leader in the organization.

The most important thing that Randy needed to live his dream was to hear someone else tell him that he could do it, and give him help finding the path that would take him to his desired destination. Cecile was able to do that for him and she’s excited whenever they have time to catch up on the continued growth Randy experiences at work.

Today, that work with Randy is the ongoing inspiration for what we do for all of our clients. We let them borrow our belief in them because they are all amazing and need that extra belief to help them realize their goals. Once they have that piece, we can make recommendations based on the best way to plot the path to the professional journey they’ve always longed for—with both leadership training and career counseling.

Now that you know more about the Coaching Centre, please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions or want to know what it’s like to work with us.

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