D.I.V.A. ... Program


A DIVA always knows what she wants and most importantly, she GETS it!
Reconnect with what you truly desire for your life by applying the principles of the D.I.V.A. lifestyle. In this guided journey into your DIVAness you will reconnect to your truth so that you can begin living your best life with your whole heart and sole! Stand in your DIVA Moment!
Once you master the secrets of the DIVA mindset in this amazing program, you will experience the following side effects:
You will no longer settle for anything less than the best for your life.
You will once and for all decide what it is you truly desire, and get it.
You will no longer stand back and react, you will be the star attraction in your own life story.
You will be ‘above the norm’ and make no apologies for it.
You will rise above conflict, and release all regret.
You will be you. Magnified and magnificent.
Are you ready to become the DIVA that you are?
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Set up your work/life balance to work for you.

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STOP Program


STOP to take time to think about what you want to do with your life. What truly makes you happy? Find a better balance in your life with our STOP ProgramTM

Five STOPS to Work/Life Balance

S = Stop – Stop what you are doing

T = Time – Choose to manage your Time

  • Develop a Time Management Philosophy
  • Getting rid of the Backlog
  • Develop a Time Policy

O = Organize – Choose to organize your life, create breathing space and energy

  • Create an environment that saves time
  • Add structure to your life
  • Kick the Procrastination Habit
  • Control unnecessary Paperwork
  • Recognize your major time wasters

P = Purpose – Find your Purpose

  • Win when the rules keep changing
  • Live with Passion and Purpose
  • Discover your Life Purpose
  • Balance different parts of your life: Activities, Roles, Commitments
  • Stay renewed

S = Success – Choose to succeed personally and professionally

  • Define your own meaning of personal and professional success

Team Building for Non-Profits​

Teamwork is important to achieve high performance in any private business as well as non-profit organizations. For every charitable and non-profit organization to survive and grow, team building is necessary, especially when you take into consideration the special characteristics of such groups, such as:
They have to take into account the views of their end users and their stakeholders as well.
They are susceptible to scarcity of both manpower and financial resources.
They are susceptible to scarcity of both manpower and financial resources.
They easily attract employees, leaders, and volunteers who share their strong passion for the organization.
The entire team has to work without expecting any profit or financial benefits.
All members are equal and can freely participate in making important decisions.
“The key elements in the art of working together are how to deal with change, how to deal with conflict, and how to reach our potential…the needs of the team are best met when we meet the needs of individual persons.” ~Max DePree~
Good team work is vital. It indicates that:

Every member of the organization is working towards a common purpose, goals, and that they are using all their individual skills to complement one another for the attainment of their objectives.
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