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Speaking / Training Topics

Difference between Manager and Leader
Transitioning from Manager to Leader
Little (l) Leadership vs Big (L) Leadership
The Importance of Middle Managers’ Development and the organization’s success
Self confidence and Success: How self-confidence leads to success
The benefits of engaging your Employees on their first day
Leading and Managing with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion lens to create a more equitable organization
Effective Virtual Leadership----Leading and Managing Virtual Employees
Coping with Multi-generational Workforce
7 ways to improve employee engagement with mentoring
Engage and motivate your team members to be more productive and strategic thinkers
How building trust in an organization impact performance
Preparing rising talents for future leaders
How leaders can prepare a positive employee experience to foster engagement and motivation
Ways leaders can gather employees feedback to improve their experience and the organization’s culture

Additional Workshops

Effective Team Dynamics

Effective Team Dynamics starts with trust. Team members trust each other, which allows them to collectively work together, providing support to each other, brainstorm and share ideas.

Team members are highly productive and result oriented, playing to each member strength, ideas and mostly importantly listening to each other to generate new ideas.

Examples of what's covered in the workshop:
Team Diversity
Setting Clear SMART Goals
Clearly Define Team’s Purpose
Effective Conflict Resolution
Defined Roles and Responsibilities
Consistent Feedback

Ten Reasons to Hire Leadership Coaching Centre For Your Next Event:

  1. Cecile is an exceptional coach and a strong communicator. Her words and messages are straight to the point, powerful, and very positive. More importantly, they stick!
  2. Cecile is dynamic and extremely professional. She has the unique ability to inspire people, and thus can be an inspiration to your organization. Cecile has given so many presentations, speeches, and workshops. She also boasts over 30 years of experience in facilitating workshops and seminars. As she delivers her presentation, she simply exudes integrity while at the same time being able to establish a connection with her audience.
  3. Cecile bases her speeches on her belief that each and every single individual in their audience has got a very important role to play, and that all of us have something we are really good at. It is her primary objective to give the audience the kind of information they can use to improve the quality of their lives, be it professionally or personally.
  4. Cecile’s expertise in her field is in demand. Various GTA publications have quoted Cecile, such as in The Toronto Star. She has also been invited to be interviewed on various radio and talk shows.
  1. Cecile uses different tools that cannot just help her audience be prepared, but can also be used in their daily lives. The presentations she offers provide the audience with a hands-on approach to working with people, which is a highly interactive environment for learning.
  2. She offers presentations tailor-made for all your specific and unique needs.
  3. Cecile is a business-minded individual. Cecile has a deep understanding of what corporations need, no matter what the size is. She has a good 17 year experience in the financial industry by working as a senior manager of operations and administration at a mutual fund company that happens to be one of the biggest in Canada.
  4. Cecile is direct, strong, and a very effective speaker. Her enthusiasm and passion never fail to engage the crowd. Also, the way she approaches a topic is something that each and every one in the audience can relate to.
  5. She lives what she talks.
  6. So why settle for just any speaker? Look for the best always! Evaluation and feedback for Cecile’s presentations have generally and continuously gotten highest acclaim from their crowd or audiences.
“I attended your full day Leadership presentation and was blown away by how quickly the day flew by. It was informative, interactive and entertaining. I learned so much.”


Marketing Director (Vaughan, Canada)
“In a nutshell, you have facilitated my happiness! You were so straightforward, helping me see what I wasn’t seeing. You helped me see how old ideas that I’ve carried since my 20’s completely don’t apply anymore–so liberating! Thank you so much for the gift of your wisdom, intuition and experience!”


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