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Thank you for your interest in the Leadership Coaching Centre. We know that when it comes to your next career transition, you’re not just looking for another list or hack to follow on your own. You want proven, customizable systems supported by industry expertise and empathetic coaching. That’s exactly what we’ll give you.
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Thank you, Cecile, that was truly amazing—so many things to ponder. I know every woman was feeling stronger, braver and more powerful after your session. Thank you for all that you do to support women everywhere!

Tina Flood

So lovely to see you today and thank you for the multi-faceted approach you followed with our team. So many different ways of looking at how the world & society currently works – but also helpful thoughts and suggestions on how to see things differently. You touched on so many issues and left us with many things to think about.

We also hope we can keep in touch so you can follow our journey at WISE Trust as we move forward with a goal of creating a workplace that is courageous, bold and up to the challenge of breaking the bias.


Chief Pension Officer
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