Leadership Coaching & Development

What Is Leadership?

Inspiring Others
Creating Other Leaders
Challenging Oneself
Growing as a Leader & Person
Knowing Who You Are
Doing What You Do Well
Balancing, Exercising,
and containing the power that comes with the role
One of the biggest challenges that most career women face in organizations is the inability to grow, improve and develop as leaders, and hold a leadership position.

Leadership is an important and valued skill; some people believe that you are either born with leadership skills or you are not.

Is it possible to learn how to lead? Yes!

Leadership Coaching Centre for Women (LCCW) creates formal, informal, and practical exercises including role play and behavioural scenarios to facilitate how leaders can “flex” their skills and become successful.
Leadership Coaching Centre for Women offers Leadership Coaching and Development that fit your needs.

We offer preparation for leadership at any level: Aspiring Leaders, New Leaders, or Existing Leaders.

You’ll learn practical strategies to help you with your Leadership Development Goals. Such as:

  • Development for Aspiring Leaders, New Leaders, Existing Leaders
  • Personal development
  • Heighten self-confidence, courage and assertiveness
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Manage stress and conflict
  • Develop and retain key staff members
  • Improve communication skills
  • Enhance presentation skills
  • Build better relationships
  • Seek and Maximize Opportunities
  • Be a Leader without the tile
  • Manage Up
  • Ask for feedback
  • Lead from behind
  • Build and develop an effective team
  • Individual Contributor to Leader
"Cecile’s technique of Coaching has grown with me as I have evolved in my life and Career. She is adept at understanding where you are, what you need to get motivated and delivering just that!

She challenges but does not overwhelm you. Although, I have come a far way in my career thanks to Cecile, I was recently challenged with a crisis with managing my staff. While I wanted to turn, run and hide Cecile walked me through how I could remedy the situation and gain the support of my staff and help my Career. I followed what we discussed, and it worked just as she had described to me. I cannot thank Cecile enough for moving me in the right direction and showing me how to face these challenges.

………and this is how it has been over the years that I have worked with Cecile. Her insights and wisdom have never let me down. My instincts have now evolved to the point that I can spot the problem and make corrections on my own. As they say, “teach a man to fish”. ….. the gift Cecile provides to all who have the privilege to work with her.”
Maxine Shrouder
Sr. Manager, CIBC
Ready to Step Up Your Leadership Game!​
We offer three Leadership Development Packages to suit your needs.

Package 1

Develop Your Leadership Path
Starting From
The fastest way to achieve your Leadership Goals​
Three months – nine one-hour coaching sessions offered virtually, phone, or in-person​
Tailored based on each person’s Leadership level: Aspiring or Existing Leaders​
The 4C's of Leadership Development
Leadership Development Plan​
Assessments and Psychometric Profiling​
Identify work values, unique strengths and abilities, and skills​
Analyze options to clearly set SMART short, medium-and long-term goals​
Advice on suitable leadership development training options​
Develop compelling networking skills​
Unlimited email support between coaching sessions​
One -20-minute call between coaching sessions​
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Package 2

Leadership Support
/ Hour
More suitable for Seasoned Existing Leaders​
Offered virtually, phone, or in-person​
Additional leadership advice such as:
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Performance challenges
  • Constructive feedback
  • Confronting your boss
  • Superstar Employees
  • Peers to manager conflicts
  • Managing morale, human relations, wellness
  • Presentation feedback
  • Conflict resolution
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Package 3

Leadership Skills Development with work colleagues or friends (2-4 people)
Starting / Hour
Ideal for New Leaders looking to develop their Leadership Skills
Three months – nine one-hour coaching sessions offered virtually, phone, or in-person​
Conflict Resolutions
Building Trust and Respect
Giving Feedback
Interaction with other Leaders
Having a difficult conversation
4C's of Leadership Development
Peer learning​
Skill Building with others​
Sharing experience with other like-minded individuals​
Pre-program phone conversation with group​
Assessment of Learning Styles​
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