Unleashing Team Potential with Sylvia Plester-Silk

October 7, 2014

Welcome to our 1st Show of the Fall/Winter Season of Up Your Game Radio!  Join us as we kicked-off the season with our special guest Sylvia Plester-Silk, Author of Unleashing Team Potential – Lesson for Managers from My Canine Friends.

Sylvia Plester-Silk an Executive Coach and Consultant at On Purpose Consulting works with organizations to instill clarity for results. She helps her clients shift from challenges to meaningful solutions through deeper understanding of overt and covert company dynamics. Her ability to create collaboration solutions for complex challenges keeps her in high demand.

With over 22 years of experience working in depth with individuals and groups, Sylvia has learned firsthand what motivates people and the importance of clear communication.

Clients describe Sylvia as insightful, able to draw deep insights from conversations, rapidly analyze and process the information and translate it into meaningful results such as improved performance, employee commitment and profitability.

She is a catalyst for significant improvements that lead to success. For more information on Sylvia Plester-Silk visit www.onpurposeconsulting.ca


At Leadership Coaching Centre, we believe that in order to become a successful CEO of your life you must be strategic and a visionary about your life goals. Radio Hosts; Cecile Peterkin and Ana Paret believe you are the CEO of your life. Therefore, we inspire and motivate people to take full responsibility for all aspects of their lives, manage every detail, and succeed personally and professionally. Up Your Game Radio enables us to motivate you to be released from Small-Time Thinking and move into your BIG PICTURE! In other words….To Up Your Game!

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