How to Find Jobs that Align With Your Career Values

May 20, 2020

There are hundreds of reasons why people like some jobs more than others. Some enjoy the daily challenges, some respect their supervisors, and others, enjoy the benefits. Each of these are specific career values that everyone holds. Some employees have a long list of important values and others have just a few critical values that they look for. According to a recent SNBC study, 35% of workers say that coming to work and feeling that their job is meaningful is the main reason that they are happy at work. Good pay, opportunities to advance, autonomy, and coworkers that value their work are the other values that were mentioned in the study.

Companies also have a set of core values that are important to them. Some businesses promise to provide a diverse and highly collaborative work environment, while others encourage self-reliance and provide competitive compensation. Finding a company that shares the same values as you can make your work more fulfilling and can launch your career in a positive trajectory. As you search for a job, make a list of 5–10 career values that are important to you and look for companies that share those values. Here are some ways to find company career values:

  • Look through annual reports to see if they have any corporate social responsibility initiatives.
  • Read their mission statement to get a snapshot of the main purpose and goals of the company.
  • Learn about their partners and past partners to get a wider view of the company. 
  • Read employee reviews of Google and Glassdoor to see what employees are saying about the values that the company honors.
  • Monitor the news for any major press releases that come out.
  • Look at the product that they produce to find out if their values are baked into their production line.
  • If you land an interview, use it as an opportunity to ask questions about company values.

When you find a job with a company that prioritizes the values that are important to you, you will feel happier at work and give more effort in the office. Consider looking into the values of the companies you apply for as you send resumes and applications to companies. Finding a company that is the right fit can not only help you find a good job, but it can also help you find a career that will be exciting and fulfilling.

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