Interesting Job Interview Myths You Should Know

Job seekers do many things to better understand what things must and must not be done to prepare for a job interview. Aside from preparing your resume and other credentials, you must also be ready for what could happen during the interview itself. If you search the web or talk to people who are more experienced in getting interviews, you may actually get tips on how you could eventually land the job you are applying for. But do you know that some of the things you will learn are just myths? Below are some of them:

1. There’s an open position if you are invited for an interview. Job seekers often think that an invitation for a job interview means being considered for a position. The truth, however, is that companies usually interview job applicants just to check out the market. For them, this method is effective in looking around for the best talents in the marketplace. As a matter of fact, many employers conduct interviews just to know what the average salary is expected by the applicants in a particular field or job. This helps them decide what offer to make for their desired candidates.

2. Employers are always prepared for interviews. It is possible that the hiring manager to conduct the job interview is new in the position and actually has very little experience in talking to job applicants. So what does this mean to you as a job seeker? Well, an unprepared interviewer can in fact give you a better chance of controlling the interview. Thus, make sure you prepare all your questions for the interviewer. Also, be confident in answering all the questions to be thrown to you so you could leave a really good impression of yourself.

3. Your answers should be kept short. While it is true that you should answer many of the questions in a precise manner, there are instances also wherein you have to give lengthy and detailed answers. If you are asked about a specific task in your previous job that you performed really well, be sure to elaborate on your answer. Giving a short response means not selling yourself well enough.

4. The job always goes to the most qualified candidate. Surprising as it may be, the most qualified job seekers don’t always get the job. According to studies, employers are more likely to hire those applicants that they like, in terms of personality and what career pathways they are pursuing. Also, employers think it is important to hire someone who they could have some beer with. In short, you must show the best side of yourself when doing a job interview. Do not focus too much on your qualifications, and try to show the recruiter why you would be the best fit for the position and the entire organization.

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