Top 5 Tips on Creating Your LinkedIn Profile

1. Do Not Skimp on Your Photo. Your LinkedIn profile is in essence your online CV or resume, so your photograph in it should indicate professionalism. The very first thing that a browser sees upon hitting your page is your photograph. LinkedIn users prefer to see a clear head shot taken by a professional photographer if possible. Don’t think of your LinkedIn profile like your Facebook page where you can put just any photo on.

2. Mind the Keywords. The search algorithm for LinkedIn is basically the same as that of Google. In order to make sure that your profile is seen via the search function, it is vital that you use exactly what keywords you want to be associated with in your profile. You should add the keywords in your headline, in your previous and current employment information, as well as in your personal summary. If you want to be discovered in a certain field or category, be sure to use the exact words or phrase a couple of times all through your profile, but without keyword stuffing your profile.

3. Stay Connected. LinkedIn users prefer to network with those that are active on the site. This can be seen through the number or amount of connections that you’ve got. According to some experts, the ideal number of networks that should appear on your profile is 500 people. In choosing the people you will connect with, be sure they are in the same field as yours. More importantly, you should know whoever is in your connection.

4. Include Social Media Links. LinkedIn is an excellent network for locating professionals, but take note that it isn’t instantaneous as the other social media sites. Be sure to include you Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and email address and details to the contact information. This way, users will be able to interact with your more closely and they may stay updated with what’s new about you.

5. Grab Endorsements. The bottom line is, your LinkedIn profile should be well optimized for it to prove how good, competent and qualified you are for whatever job you are looking for. But merely bragging about it will lead to nothing. What you need is to receive endorsements or recommendations from anyone you may have worked with in the past. Get in touch with your past clients, employers and colleagues and ask them to create a recommendation for you.

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