Turn Frustration into Motivation

May 20, 2014

Tune into Up Your Game Radio Show with our special guest Pauleanna Reid, Author of Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother

“I am a beauty (and a beast).”

“I fight for the things I love and I am unapologetic about who I am.”

Pauleanna used the bricks that others have thrown at her to build a firm foundation to her growing brand and empire. She is a survivor. Pauleanna was bullied as a teen and suffered from a mental illness, specifically depression and anxiety, for 6 years before she really developed the confidence and courage to pursue her dreams of becoming a professional writer and entrepreneur.

At 26-years-old, Pauleanna stacked a full resume of life and career experiences. She holds titles as an Amazon Best Selling Author of the hot fiction novel Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother, a Nationally Published Journalist, Motivational Speaker, and Entrepreneur. Through a whirlwind of inspirational lectures, round table discussions, and media appearances, Pauleanna positively influences, challenges, and reconnects youth with their passions. She loves using incredible wit and candor to empower women & girls and is well-equipped to provide the necessary tools to help you prioritize your life and execute personal growth and leadership skills. Having overcome her own personal and professional obstacles, her powerful story-telling encourages this generation to face their challenges and conquer them. Pauleanna is on a mission to help others see beyond the limits of their circumstances because she envisions a world where all women are given the opportunity, not only to dream bigger dreams but to create and shape the world they have always desired.

By sharing her personal experiences, she hopes to show young adults how they can turn their frustration into motivation.

For more information on Pauleanna Reid visit her website; www.pauleanneareid.com


At Leadership Coaching Centre, we believe that in order to become a successful CEO of your life you must be strategic and a visionary about your life goals. Radio Hosts; Cecile Peterkin and Ana Paret believe you are the CEO of your life. Therefore, we inspire and motivate people to take full responsibility for all aspects of their lives, manage every detail, and succeed personally and professionally. Up Your Game Radio enables us to motivate you to be released from Small-Time Thinking and move into your BIG PICTURE! In other words….To Up Your Game!

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