Choose the Right Career Based On Your Values and Priorities

Do you hate your job so much that you feel miserable already, but you don’t think you are ready to leave? Are you constantly wondering about your other career options but you still end up having the same job? If this is what you are going through, you are definitely stuck in your career.

Nobody wants to experience being in career paralysis because it’s definitely undesirable. You get up every single day feeling no excitement or enthusiasm about your job. You also hate Mondays and you keep dreaming about being in a different workplace, working with new people, and doing other things. When you start to feel this way, perhaps it’s time that you consider making the big change! But this isn’t something that’s too easy to do either. However, while you will face many challenges as you make this important transition, you can’t allow yourself to be too scared because your fear is what will keep you stuck forever.

Here’s what you should do to be better prepared:

1. Realize that you are complex

Many career experts would say that you need to be a particular type of person to be suitable to a specific type of job. This isn’t how you should think of yourself though. What you should understand is that you are a complex individual who has multiple and varying values and even priorities. As you make an important career decision, you should clarify to yourself what you want to do permanently. Consider your own standards, such as in terms of salary, skills to develop, risks involved, and values. This way, you will know what should matter and what shouldn’t in relation to your career.

2. Know your options before analyzing

When it comes to planning a career, we normally think that our options at present are just the same as those in the past. Well, you have to realize that everything around you has changed one way or another. Industries develop, technology improves, and even the way companies hire workers change. When you start to think of it this way, you will see that there are so many career options in front of you that may not have been there before.  Thus, what you should do now is try to find out what these options are so you could make an informed decision later on as to what career you should pursue.

3. Start moving

Those who are stuck in their careers spend so much time planning, but not doing anything. If you want to be in a better place, then you can’t wait for anything or anyone to take you there! You should possess the drive and eagerness to make a move quick. Free yourself from all your fears and doubts and just do what you think you should do, and everything else will follow. When trying to get unstuck and make the right career move, what’s important is to have the guts to face everything that change comes with.

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