Resume Tips for Advanced Age Job Seekers!

FACT, the job market is as intense today in its competition than it ever has been.  With more and more people looking not just for work, but a career; it seems that there are segments and job seeking audiences that are affected more than others.  One segment in particular is those that have experience of 15+ years in any industry.  There are real misconceptions that you need to overcome.  Let’s look at a few of the hurdles:

  • You will be far too expensive for the position offered.
  • You may be a threat to existing management due to experience.
  • That you are treating this job as a crossover to the next job.
  • That you are “out of touch” from things trending technically and beyond.
  • That today’s workplace environments may be too fast paced for the experienced job seeker.

Above are just a few of the examples.  Remember, one key component when seeking a job.  The hiring manager, the person reviewing the resumes, is trying to find a reason not to include your resume instead of trying to include it.  Let’s not give them a reason.

FACT all resumes, resume blogs, cover letters, and video cover letters are a part of your marketing portfolio.  Whether you have 1 year experience or 20 years’ experience, how you market yourself to a potential employer is key.  Here are a few tips that you must keep in mind to be successful in your job search:

  • “De-Age” the resume.  Do not show dates of employment spanning back to 1990, 1985.  First the experience is no longer relevant.  Second, it gives off the wrong impression to the employer.
  • Ensure that you show two employers and no more than 10+ years on your resume.  Now if this is one company but multiple positions you need to only address each and every promotion and the dates within the specific job.
  • Ensure you are current on Social Media.  It makes sense regardless of how you feel to have a LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook account for networking purposes.  Employers search out social media accounts, not having them is a gigantic red flag.
  • List the social media accounts on your resume, under a section called Professional Social Exchange.  Here you will include email address, Skype (free), LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook account names.  Show off your social media skills.
  • Blog.  Look you have an area of expertise, share it with the world.  Most blogs are now free.  You can show your technical aptitude, creative writing, and the ability to network in the now generation.  Getting a blog is a real showcase of your talent.
  • Education.  Do not put the year you graduated.  State the BS you received.  No graduation dates or if you have not completed, do not show the years attended.

These are just a few tips for the best possible presentation of your resume.  However, one last one, format.  Format in your marketing presentation is critical.  Old school is out and certain formats are in.  Make sure your format is within the times.

About the Author:


Michele Unangst, Founder & CEO of Get My Mom a Job and Get My Vet a Job.  An Entrepreneur and Career Specialist who is focused on job seekers and their success.  Empowering job seekers and professionals of all walks of life.  Empowering through Education, Passion, and equipping them with the tools for success.

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