Tips on How to be a Successful Middle Manager

As a middle manager, the entire organization expects you to get everything done. This is a huge responsibility you have, and thus you have to make sure you are ‘influential’ enough to lead the charge. While this can be extremely challenging, there are things you can do to create an environment that will help you and your company succeed.

1. Earn the respect of your employees

A good manager is one who does not only delegate tasks and responsibilities to employees; a good manager also guides and supports them so they may be better at what they do. The only way you could help them perform their job better is to show them that you have knowledge of what they do. It becomes so much easier for employees to give you respect when they see you as an expert. You don’t have to do their work for them, of course, but you have to make an effort to share what you know so they may grow professionally.

2. Know the organization’s strategy by heart and make your own action plan

If your responsibilities as a middle manager haven’t changed over the years, and you do the same things over and over again, there is a possibility that what you’re doing is no longer in line with your company’s current strategy. You can’t just sit there and wait to be informed of the organization’s new strategy. Be proactive in getting as much information as you need, and verify with your boss if how you’re running things actually helps the company achieve its goals. If it is, then go ahead and share it with your staff, and if not, rectify your action plan so it would be in line with the overall strategy of the company.

3. Set priorities and clear goals for your employees and yourself

It is important that your department has clear priorities and that these priorities are communicated well among the employees. Each of your workers must have their own goals, and they should understand the importance of achieving both individual and group goals. Make sure that you regularly meet with your employees so you can be up-to-date with their progress, and if changes in the team are inevitable, you can make them on a timely manner.

4. Lead without authority

Good leaders have the ability to make people follow and respect them, not by imposing anything to their people, but by listening to them and supporting them. As a middle manager, having this reputation will get you noticed and even considered for a promotion. You’ve got to learn to NOT be arrogant, be diplomatic, and be a solution provider.

5. Communicate enthusiastically with everyone

The more you communicate with all the people you work with, the more they will see, hear and follow you. By making use of any available means of communication with your boss, other middle managers, and employees, you are showing that you are a proactive leader who places importance on sharing what you already know and what you have learned from others.
As they say, good leaders are born. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to develop the management skills that you already have. Working with an executive coaching professional would also help you enhance such skills to become an effective and successful middle manager.

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