Job Seekers Over 40 are Gaining Success in the Job Marketplace!

Fact, many workers near or over the age of 40 years old believe they are at a distinct disadvantage over younger job seekers.  True there are potential price tags in terms of salary, but the marketplace for “older” is shifting dramatically and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future if you are ready!

Like any job seeker, the ability to convey relevant experience is critical.  Whether a job seeker is 30 or 55, there is a standard that if adhered to will knock any preconceived notions out of the water in regards to age:

– It is 100% recommended that you provide only an eight to ten year history of experience!

Yes, see anything that is 10+ years or older is no longer current.  Let’s say you were a programmer 15 years ago, but have been in the financial services industry since then.  What would be the value to the employer?  The vastness of experience can never replace the success of experience.

“Job seekers make the mistake by thinking more is better!  That couldn’t be further from the truth!”

Your resume is a marketing tool.  It is designed to highlight your skills, successes, acumen, development, and what you bring to the table.  Understand it is not the age that an employer has concern with; it is the direct ability to immediately contribute.  In fact, age has little to do with job hunting.  Consider this:

“According to a leading job site, the surge of interns over the age of 50 years old has increased 37% since 2010!”

What does this statistic tell you?  It tells you contribution, not age is your component for success.  Quick hits for resume success being over 40 years old:

  • Leave the dates of High School & College Graduation off your resume.
  • If you have been at the same company for 30 years and recently left, leave off the dates of employment, shrink the amount of experience you list to 5 bullet points per position held.  By doing so you get to the interview without any preconceived notions.
  • Be current on social media.  Utilize Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  Use it for business purposes only, networking.  No pictures or talks about kids or grandkids is allowed.  This is an all business Endeavour.
  • Ensure your email doesn’t give away age.  No [email protected] or [email protected].  People draw conclusions.
  • Promote your social media on your resume to seem as current as possible.  Utilize audio in your cover letter and resume, not video.  This will wow the employers.

In the end by following these simple tips above you will create your own experience, not have it created for you.  You can have the job you want and need at any age.  It is about marketing, it is about controlling the message!

MicheleUnangstMichele Unangst, Founder & CEO of Get My Mom a Job and Get My Vet a Job.  An Entrepreneur and Career Specialist who is focused on job seekers and their success.  Empowering job seekers and professionals of all walks of life.  Empowering through Education, Passion, and equipping them with the tools for success.

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